Unsafe cladding is a serious problem

Images of buildings going up in flames and the terror of lives lost around the world
to combustible cladding have made people both aware and worried about the
cladding on their homes, hospitals, offices and workplaces.

It’s our mission to help extinguish the fear of unsafe cladding by working together
with our clients to fix the cladding problem in Victoria and make it more liveable
and safe.

To learn more about the cladding problem and what’s being done to fix it, check
out our Frequently Asked Questions page and then follow the links provided to
get even more informed.

Your cladding rectification partners

When it comes to fixing buildings in need of a re-clad, Elements Cladding is here to help. We bring a wealth of building and construction expertise, a professional and warm approach, and an extensive knowledge of the cladding removal and installation field.

We’re able to quickly mobilize our team of trusted trade partners and complete small,
medium or large projects in a timely manner and according to specification.

We work closely with stakeholders both on and off site, help develop re-clad plans and then
translate them into high-quality outcomes by leading the teams that get the job done.

Keeping our environment in mind

Removing toxic and dangerous cladding materials from the thousands of non-compliant
buildings around Victoria poses serious environmental challenges. Cladding disposal and the salvaging of recyclable materials needs to be completed cautiously, and with a view to finding the right balance.

Elements Cladding is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our activities through the optimal recycling of safe building materials from rectification sites and ensuring that the removal of unsafe, unrecyclable material is done appropriately and thoroughly.

Need a cladding expert?

Our capabilities scale from small, multiple occupancy dwellings of two or more units, up to complex multi-story projects for education, health or large accommodation providers.


Have you discovered that your building is noncompliant? We specialise in the field of cladding rectification – the removal of dangerous, flammable cladding with safer, compliant alternatives in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner.

New Buildings

Secure your safety and your building’s future value with sleek and classic cladding options. Built to out-perform the weather and elements, modern cladding protects, beautifies and adds value as well.

Talk to a cladding expert

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