The task of replacing all the non-compliant cladding in Victoria is a massive one. Elements Cladding is here to help get the job done efficiently, cost-effectively, and to the highest standards.

Making Victoria more safe & liveable

The issue of flammable cladding has caused significant worry and fear in the community. Elements Cladding exists to help people faced with the situation of having to remove and
replace cladding on their building who need an experienced and reliable hand to get the job done.

Our core business is to mitigate or eliminate the risk of catastrophic fire events and restore people’s peace of mind about the safety of the places they live, work, learn, heal, pray and play.

Cladding Rectification Services

Properties constructed after 1997 are at a high risk of having combustible cladding. Three  categories of building identified by the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) as being of particular importance include:

Class 2 Buildings

Class 2 includes any building that contains two or more units, where each is a separate dwelling. This is by far the category containing the most number of buildings. These include small to large apartment buildings built after 1997 where non-compliant cladding has been used and requires rectification.

Class 3 Buildings

Class 3 buildings include residential buildings for transient living for multiple people, who are only occupants for an intentionally short period of time. These include boarding houses, back-packers
and hostels, or the residential section of a hotel, motel, boarding school, or detention centres.

Class 9 Buildings

Class 9 buildings are amongst the most frequently cited as those requiring urgent rectification. Often housing the most vulnerable these public buildings can include aged care, hospitals, health care buildings and clinics. They also include public places like schools, cinemas, halls and churches.

Who do we work with?

We work directly with owner corporations, facility and building managers, or individual owners who have discovered with building  contains dangerous cladding and need a cladding expert to give them peace of mind. Also, we partner-up with project management firms tasked with managing a re-clad project who are looking for an experienced cladding-focused team to help
activate and complete their rectification plans.

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Facilities Managers

Building Managers

Project Managers

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